Introduction for English Readers

Welcome! My English name is Michael (in Chinese Pinyin: mijiale).

I was born in atheist China, and hadn’t read the Bible until I came to America to study for a PhD. Since then, I have been influenced by both Christianity and Judaism. I was baptized in a Chinese Christian church in 2001. Around this time, I had scary health incidents and called 911 twice due to overwhelming chest discomfort. I then started to observe Sabbath by not working on Saturdays, and I gradually became healthier, Baruch Hashem. Since then, I observe Sabbath and have learned more about Judaism. On the other hand, I don’t follow any religious denomination categorically.

Even if I don’t belong to any religious denomination formally, my religious belief is very serious. I believe in the Creator and His personal guidance. My Creator is also my Shepherd. Professionally, my Creator has given me talents to do research and to teach as a college professor, and to mentor many PhD students. My Shepherd is also guiding me to use these talents in my faith. I believe that the Bible is His words. I study Hebrew (ברוכים הבאים לאתר הזה!and read weekly bible portions year by year.  I study how to interpret the Bible with the traditional PRDS method of Peshat (simple), Remez(hint), Darash (moral), and Sod (secret).

My Shepherd has led me to teach Bible since 2005, mainly to Chinese Christians, both in America and in China. After the pandemic started and personal gathering became difficult, I made this website to publish my Bible study notes. The website was initially in Chinese, intended for Chinese readers. After the Pentecost in 2022 (Shavuot 5782), I started to write my notes in English, and hope that they could be used by my Creator to benefit more readers in English. I am fully aware of my limitation, that English is not my native language, but I will rely on the Grace of my Creator, Who is also the great Shepherd. 

Michael (in Chinese Pinyin: mijiale)